Ultrasound, a form of acoustic energy, acts as a deep tissue-heating agent ultrasound app and is used to treat musculo-skeletal injuries. The popularity of this therapeutic device can be traced to its effectiveness in the treatment of joint-motion limiting conditions, soft tissue injuries, chronic conditions and wounds.

As opposed to superficial heat treatments, such as chemical packs and heat lamps, ultrasound can produce temperature changes as deep as 1 to 5 cm in underlying tissues (such as muscle and tendon) without excessive heating of the skin.

Ultrasound treatments also deliver non-thermal effects, which involve physiological changes in tissues that cannot be attributed to heating. The combination of deep heating and non-thermal effects makes this a unique and versatile therapy.

A veterinary evaluation is necessary to determine the involved tissue and the stage of tissue healing before treatment begins.

Among the types of injuries and conditions which can benefit from ultrasound therapy are: ultrasound therapy benefits

ultrasound benefits

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