Ozone therapy is a unique approach to the treatment of certain wounds. The ozone generator we use is a portable devise that takes input from a regulated tank of pure oxygen (O2) and sends it through a variable electrolysis process that produces the desired output concentration of ozone (O3). electrical stimulation electrical stimulation electrical stimulation The ozone is then piped to a suitable containment devise and the treatment is conducted for the desired dwell time. Horses in particular can present quite a challange to fabricate an air tight containment over the desired treatment site.

Many of the parameters used in ozone therapy are described in the studies shown below along with indications for the use of ozone therapy.

3 bacteria and O3 study (PDF 8KB)

Germicidal effects of O3 study (PDF 8KB)

O3 & diabetic foot study (PDF 7KB)

O3 & hydrogen peroxide study (PDF 7KB)

O3 and microbes study (PDF 8KB)

O3 on four kinds of bacteria study (PDF 6KB)

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