mimi at UKI am Mimi Porter, a practicing Equine Therapist since 1982. My therapeutic skills were developed during 10 years as an athletic trainer at the University of Kentucky, but horses have been a part of my life since childhood, progressing from Pony Club to local competitions, to investor in yearlings, to racehorse owner.mimi and summer Pleasure horses now grace my small farm here in Kentucky, making the landscape more beautiful. My current challenge is my mare Cerra and her colt Summer, a connemara and quarterhorse cross born April 11, 2001, and is now ten years old.

My professional life as an Equine Therapist has taken me all over the world from Ireland to Dubai and to the 1996 Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta, Georgia, where I was the first Equine Therapist to serve as a member of the Olympic staff.

Equine Therapy, Inc., my therapy service company, utilizes two wonderful therapists: Monica Martins and Katie Moore.

mimi and crew

The three of us of us provide love, attention and therapeutic skills to horses in the Bluegrass following surgery or injury.

It is important to understand that we, as Equine Therapists, provide secondary care to horses. That means that we follow a complete veterinary diagnosis and maintain open lines of communication with the veterinarian in charge of the case. The Equine Therapist and the veterinarian confer on the rehabilitation plan for the horse to achieve the best outcome.

In the same vein, this web site strives to provide Equine Therapists and other equine-related professionals with current research articles and time-tested solutions for the benefit of horses around the world.

Thanks for visiting our home on the world wide web.

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